Who Are The Bullies In The Workplace?

There are many kinds of workplace bullies. A workplace bully is not always that aggressive jerk who embarrasses you whenever he gets the chance. It’s not always that power-tripping boss who treats you like a slave. Sometimes, it can be that cheerful teammate who always smiles at you but spreads nasty rumors when you’re not around. In this article, we will talk about the different kinds of bullies that you might encounter in the workplace or what is bullying and harassment in the workplace.

The first kind of bully, and perhaps the most common, is the aggressive bully. This is the type of bully who is loud and intimidating. He has no problems getting into a heated argument even if it’s irrational. Also, he has a habit of embarrassing you in front of everyone else. This is usually the type of bully who has so many insecurities. He tries to make himself look powerful by using these dirty tactics. In other words, this is the all bark but no bite type of bully. He uses senseless aggression to get his way.

The second type of bully is the two-faced bully. This is the type of bully who will show you niceness. On the surface, he looks harmless. He looks friendly. But when you’re not around, he tries to damage your career by spreading rumors and other made-up stories. Usually, this bully is either threatened by you or simply doesn’t like you. But he is not aggressive enough to actually coerce you explicitly. This is why he hides behind a friendly persona.

The third type of bully is the condescending bully. This type of bully is usually more subtle. He doesn’t show hostile or aggressive behavior. Instead, he always tries to appear as the expert. He uses his knowledge to intimidate his target. Sometimes, he can even block you from joining projects or getting opportunities. He might withhold important information. And by doing that, your performance will be compromised.

The fourth type of bully is the critic. This type of the bully never runs out of criticisms. Usually, these criticisms are just meant to put you down and not to improve your performance. This bully always has something to say. He will point out mistakes in just about everything, from the way you present a project to the way your office desk is organized.

The fifth type of bully is the attention-seeking bully. This type of bully believes that it’s either you’re with him or against him. He is nice to his friends and he might show friendliness to you too. But if you disagree with him, then he’ll put you in a bad spot. These bullies feel self-entitled.
So those are the five most common types of bullies. The kinds of behavior that they show are all equally destructive. They cause a lot of problems for you. They also make the workplace toxic and stressful.