Why Sending a Thank You Email Makes the Difference

There are many ways to prepare for a job interview. Being well prepared can really make a difference and greatly increase your chances of getting that job. But did you know that the thank you email after an interview can make a huge difference as well?

You might think that you’ve secured your place once the job interview goes well. But if you really want to make sure that the job is given to you, then make sure that you send a thank you email to your interviewer after that interview.

Now for some hiring managers, a thank you email isn’t necessary. But still, don’t you want to stand out from the other applicants? A hiring manager will surely appreciate that you took the time to go the extra mile.

Reasons to send a thank you email

First, sending a thank you email shows courtesy. It tells them that you appreciate their time. It is an easy to way to stand out and be remembered by your interviewer.

Next, a thank you email gives you the chance to offer them something valuable. Remember that in the thank you email, it’s no longer about you. You’ve had the chance to sell yourself during the interview. And besides, if you talk about yourself again, it will only look like you’re trying too hard. And if you are looking for more good tips like where do you see yourself you can continue reading here.

How to send a thank you email

There are two options when it comes to sending a thank you email.

The first option is to find a generic template and just copy it. This option isn’t exactly a good one if you really want to make a great impression and secure the job.

The next option is to send a customized and well-researched email.  If you really want to land the job and impress the hiring manager, then this option is for you.

Writing and sending an impressive thank you email

The first thing that you should remember in sending a thank you email is that you should send it as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the next day. You don’t want to make it seem like you had better things to do. So, as soon as you get home from the interview, sit down and take time to work on that letter.

Start by thanking the interviewer and telling them that you appreciate the opportunity of interviewing with them. Show some enthusiasm about the job. Say that you’re looking forward to the opportunities that the job will bring. But keep it short and simple. Like I said earlier, this email isn’t supposed to be about you.

Lastly, don’t forget to add something of value. This is the part that makes all the difference. It could be an eBook or a research paper on a topic that is relevant to them. Be creative and think of something that they will find useful.

An effective thank you email does not have to be very long and complicated. You just need to focus on the right things. Who knows? This could be your ticket to landing the job you’ve always wanted. For more additional tips, don’t forget to read this previous article about don’t wait for job opportunities.